Community Pharmacy Consulting Services

Gates Healthcare Associates is a regulatory consulting firm that specializes in the compliance of our nation’s independent community pharmacies, independent pharmacy franchises, and independent chains. Our services are tailored to assist with pharmacy operations, regulatory compliance, policies and procedures, quality assurance, disciplinary action assessment or monitoring, and inspection or survey programs.

Our team of experts were heavily involved in the development and implementation of new programs for accreditations and inspections including CPPA®, VPP® and state projects, in training of state board compliance officers, and in maintaining and updating existing NABP accreditation programs to include emerging issues and changes in regulations and standards.

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Detailed Services

  • NABPTM accreditation programs: DMEPOS, VAWD®, VIPPS® and Vet-VIPPS®
  • Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA®) accreditation programs
  • Application and document submission
  • Policy and procedure review, development, revision, and remediation
  • Pre-survey assessment
  • Survey findings remediation
  • Staff training development
Regulatory Compliance
  • Preparation for NABP VPP® inspection
  • Gap analysis
  • Response to deficiencies
  • Remediation and response to disciplinary actions
  • Policy and procedure assistance
  • Internal compliance monitoring
Patient Care Compliance Programs
  • Medication Therapy Management Programs
  • Disease State Management Programs
  • Disease State Education
  • Care Transition Programs
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